We had a great tournament!
Here are some of the numbers:
  • Shoot out for the Rec championship game!  Very exciting!!!
  • 84 goals
  • 55 penalties
  • Game with most penalties – Foxes and Aves with 6.
  • No misconducts!!
  • No major injuries!!
  • No major whining!
  • Raised $13,865 (down this year – we scaled back on the number of teams,  paid the refs, our other fundraiser wasn’t held)
But overall… very good!
The 2017 tournament pics are up on Dropbox, here is the link:
At this link there is a sub-folder titled “Around the Rink” for non-game pictures.  There are other sub-folders labelled by game where players can scout for pics. I tried to get as many people as I could, and game action too. There are pics for every team, but I couldn’t cover every game, and some of the games got short treatment. The folders for the champ games all have team pictures.
If you are interested in the 2018 tournament (date will be mid-March), send me an email.
Thanks for a great tournament!