2022 Stick It To Brain Tumors Tournament!

The Stick It to Brain Tumors Tournament is over.   Everyone had a good time, there were no major injuries and we raised a lot of money for pediatric brain cancer research.  We met our $15,000 goal and have surpassed $20, 000, which is awesome!

So many people were involved to make this event successful.  Family, friends, volunteers, sponsors, teams that participated, spectators. Everyone was terrific!  As you can see, it takes a village to have a successful event!!  If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry!


Chris, Katie and Bryan Jackson, Kathy Zakriski, Terry Laibach, Jen Kruman, Betty-Jo Daly, Kristine Croce and Kaelyn Dooley.

Messa Mustangs Family

Barb Cruden, Roberta Steele, Cindy Chan, Tori Knoche, Sheila Manz, Erin Beaulac, Carla Bengle, Michelle Dickinson, Kris Florell, Roni Gbur, Leah Hilton, Joanne LaFrancois, Keri VanNatten, Sally Sutko, Kate MacDonald, Molly Mulligan, Sue Butler, Page Salenger, Bea Tsao.


Olivia Dickinson, Susan Comenzo, Dawn Zakowicz, George & Dianna Sogoian, Charlie Blanchette, Elizabeth Smith, Woody Woodworth, Pete Lemme, Yves Nollet, Paul Forget, Kim Williams, Mike & Millie Faulkner, Tim Peartree, Emilie Hauser, Gary Johnston, Chip Adam, Simon & Maxine Alpart, Ya’el Salenger, Devon Manz and Zora

Refs (donated their ref fee)

Bill Dickerson, Scott Zalud, Jerry Witkop

Raffle Donations  

Adirondack Avalanche Women’s Hockey Team, Adirondack Hockey, Alex Scher, Barb Cruden, Bryan & Chris Jackson, Buffalo Bills, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Cindy Chan & Andy Alpart, Cutting Edge, Dawn Zakowicz, Dianne Chan, Erin Beaulac, Glenville Beverage, Head to Tail, Hoffman Development Corporation, Honest Weight, Jen & Roni Grub, Joanne LaFrancois, Kathy Zakriski, Katie MacDonald, Keri VanNatten, Kris Florell & Chip Adam, Linda Kelly, Linda Locke, Maggie & Daisy, Margot Plumadore, Maxine Chan, Michelle Dickinson, NJ Devils, NY Giants, NY Jets, Pam Wilbur, Power Play Women’s Hockey Team, Professor Java, Red Bulls, Robert Steele, Saugerties Nightmares Women’s Hockey Team, Shannon Woodley, Sheila Manz, Simon Chan, Terry Laibach, Tom Lynch. Tri-City ValleyCats Baseball, Union Men’s Hockey Team, Warrior Tackle, Westchester Ice Breakers Women’s Hockey Team, Westmere Beverage

Silent Auction Donations

NHL, Savemore Beverage, Union Women’s Hockey Team, NY Giants, Donna Casino, Debby & Molly

Money Donations

Golub Foundation, Barb Allen, Yves Nollet, Kim Williams & Margaret Gillis, Jeff Haff, Saratoga Storm, Chris Mager, Pete & Teresa Hopke, Russ Newkirk, Brian Ruiz, Borisenok Family Foundation, Sue Butler, Dr. Rob Fox, Emilio Petroccione, Schenectady County Sheriff’s Department Benevolent Association, Megan Whalen, Roberta Steele, Raffi and Paul Moroukian, Rachel Reile, Pam (Manhatten Bagel), Terry Laibach, Richard March, Happy Scherer, Kristine Croce, Jen & Dave Kruman, Karen & Jim Quinn, Christine Boswell, Bev & Allen Chestoski, Got Sneakers, Dave Roberts & Rosanne Sundstrom, Bill Wegman & Christine Burgin, Scott White, Lou & Susan Boghosian, Tom & Mary Ellen Lynch, Paul & Dorothy Frament, Brendan & Karen Hanley, Joel & Teresa Langlois, Jerry Romeo, George & Dianna Sogoian, Ron & Linda Peacock, Carol & Jim Dominique, Page Salenger, Ron & Sharron Ferro, Pete & Mary Lemme, Uros Simovic, Dan Keating, Melissa Lea, Scott Gresens, Mark Seig, Barry & Marsha Sullivan

Food Donations

Messa Mustangs, Betty Jo Daly, Mike’s Hotdogs, Freihofers, Darwin VanNatten


Messa Mustangs, Power Play, Buffalo Sabrettes, Adirondack Avalanche, Albany Angels Rec+ and D teams, Saugerties Nightmares, CT Ice Breakers, Syracuse Blades, Simsbury Mother Ducks, Canandaigua Ladies and  Westchester Ice Breakers

Thank you all again for a great fundraising event!!

2020 Stick it to Brain Tumors Tournament – CANCELLED

Dear Teams,

It is with great sadness and much regret that we have to cancel the Brain Tumor tournament. Schenectady County just reported their first case and it happens to be a Union College employee. The college has cancelled all events, effective immediately.

For all the teams that have paid, I will be sending you a refund check in the next week. For those teams that have made reservations for local hotels, let me know if they give you any trouble cancelling your reservations.

I am so sorry to this, but have no choice, and with the NHL, USA Hockey, NBA canceling…. I guess it was inevitable.
If you have any questions, please let me know. I appreciate the support you have shown each year, and hopefully we will not have a pandemic in 2021!!