2018 Tournament Wrap-Up!

Our 12th Annual Stick It to Brain Tumors Benefit Tournament on March 23-25, 2018 at Union College’s Messa Rink in Schenectady, is over!

We raised almost $16,000 for brain cancer research!  And we had a lot of fun doing it!

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Rec Championship Game went into overtime! Congratulations to the Arctic Foxes on the win!
  • The Rec+ Championship Game went into overtime!  Congratulations to the Canandagua Ladies on the win!
  • The Adirondack Avalanche and the Saratoga Storm D Championship Game was exciting to the end!  Congratulations to the Storm on the win!
  • The Saratoga Storm Rec team won the Sportswomanship Award.  And special recognition goes to the Saugerties Nightmares Rec team, (the voting on the award was very close.)
  • 113 goals were scored in the tournament.
  • 43 penalties (12 less than last year.)
  • No major injuries (Yea!)
  • A special guest appearance of Ashley Johnston, Riveters Hockey team.  Riveters went on to win their championship game.  Congratulations!

There are so many people to thank for making the tournament successful!

Thank you to all the teams for participating and especially to the Mustangs:

Kaelyn Dooley, Roberta Steele, Barb Cruden, Cindy Chan, Leah Hilton, Carla Mackey, Stacy Caruso-Sharpe, Joanne Lafrancois, Kathy Davis, Sheila Manz, Michelle Dickinson, Amy Wilder, Kacey Robinson, Pam Mantas, Sue Butler, Erin Beaulac, Page Salenger, Keri VanNatten, Kate Sgroi for their support, donating their time, off-ice officiating, getting and making raffle items, baking, setting up, cleaning up (you get the picture).

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

Walt & Michelle Borisenok, Adirondack Beverages, Bev & Allen Chestoski, Neal Baumann Benjamin Edwards, Schenectady County Sheriff’s Benevolent Association, Johanna Dooley, Arctic Foxes, Dave Roberts & Rosanne Sundstrom, Golub Foundation, ABC Hockey Group, Lou & Susan Boghosian, Terry Laibach, Cindy Chan & Andy Alpart, Roberta Steele, Dawn Priolo, Canandaigua Ladies Hockey Team, Barb & George Cruden, Stacey Caruso Sharpe, Janet Hawkins, Dr. Robert Fox, James and Margo Strosberg, Roberta Farrell, Dr. Michael Comis, Capital District Renal Physicians, Suzanne and Charles Scott, Jessica & John Emler, Stuart & Wynn Redpath, Harvey & Paula Alpart, Happy Scherer, Carol & Greg Braungart, Jen & Dave Kruman, Amanda Castignetti, Lurie & Co Certified Public Accountants, Satyawattie Persaud, Tim Zakriski, Christine Boswell & Brain Koscher, Colleen Dooley, Emilie Hauser, Heidi Dillenbeck, Tara Bolduc, Barb Allen & Gary Lanpear and Melissa Wein.

Thank You to Our Young Volunteers!

Olivia Dickinson, Danny Spanbauer, Simon Alpart, Maxine Alpart, Yael Salenger and Michaiah Robinson.

Thank You to Our Off-Ice Officials, Food & Raffle Volunteers!!

Kathy Zakriski, Barb Allen & Gary Lanpear, Betty-Jo Daly, Jen Kruman, Gary Feinland, Erin Beaulac, Carla Bengle-Mackey, Leah Hilton, Roberta Steele, Barb Cruden, Cindy Chan, Michelle Dickinson, Kaelyn Dooley, Joanne Lafrancois, Sam Gartland, Page Salenger, Kacey Robinson, Kathy Davis, Berkley Davis, Amy Wilder, Heather Hanson Malec, George Sogoian, Dan Spanbauer, Keri VanNatten, Sue Butler, Pam Mantas, Yves Nollet, Christopher Jackson, Katie Stewart,  Bryan Jackson, Craig Jackson, Mike McTague, Paul Forget and Lonnie Averry.

Thank You for Donating Raffle items:

Adam Brinker, Kathy Zakriski, Hoffmans, Honest Weight Food Co-op, NY Jets, Common Roots, Pam Mantas, Heidi and Frank Sicari, NY Red Bulls, Sheila Tandon Manz, Janice Duprey, Dr. Yarinsky, Leah Hilton, Shannon Woodley, Jeannie and Gary Carter, Dave Randall, Mike McConkey, Head-to-Tail, Tom Lynch, Joanne LaFrancois, Terry Laibach, Bryan Jackson, Tri-City ValleyCats, Cutting Edge Sport Sciences, Linda Locke, Maxine Alpart, Andy Alpart, Simon Alpart, Cindy Chan, Page Salenger, Suzy & Chris Ballantyne, Craig Jackson, Michelle Dickinson, Pam Wilbur, Scott’s Hallmark, Hannaford, Carla Bengle, Kris & Chip, Pam Wilber, Barb Cruden, Saugerties Nightmares, Westchester Ice Breakers, Arctic Foxes, Riveters and Ashley Johnston.

Thank You for Donating Silent Auction Items:

Judy Fregoe, Chip and Frankie, Kathy Zakriski, Page Salenger, NY Giants, Movado, Albany Curling Club, Union Men’s Hockey Team, and Suzy & Chris Ballantyne.

Thank you to Adam Brinker and the Rink Team – Barry, Sean & Mike!

And last but not least – Craig, Christopher, Katie and Bryan Jackson – couldn’t do this without them!!

If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry!