2023 Code of Conduct

2023 Stick it to Brain Tumors Code of Conduct Form

All players and coaches must complete and sign the roster and code of conduct form in order to participate. By signing the Roster and Code of Conduct Form, you agree:

The goal of the Code of Conduct is to assure fair play and the games are fun and safe.

  • Participation in this tournament is at the will of the tournament director, is voluntary and for the express purpose of having fun, improving awareness of brain cancer and for fund raising for the specified charities.
  • We expect teams to abide by the rules of the tournament, comply with Rec, Rec+ and D Division Clarifications for the Stick It to Brain Tumors Tournament and all decisions of the tournament director and disciplinary committee.
  • To abide by the USA Hockey Rules and Code of Conduct – (http://www.usahockeyrulebook.com/page/show/1015129-codes-of-conduct)
  • Show good sportsmanship, courtesy and respect to all coaches, players, officials and fans by demonstrating good sportsmanship at every game.
  • Understand that all fans and other members associated with the team shall be held to the same Code of Conduct standard.
  • Understand that anyone found to be behaving in an unbecoming manner shall be ejected from the tournament premises.

We want everyone to have fun, be safe and enjoy the games!