2022 Rules

2022 Stick It to Brain Tumors Tournament Rules

This is a USAH approved hockey tournament. All players must be USAH registered. All players must have full equipment as required by USA Hockey guidelines.  All players and coaches must sign the Roster and Code of Conduct Form. Players cannot be added to the rosters after March 10.  Players may only play on one team in the tournament and may not play for multiple teams in multiple divisions.  Exceptions may be made for goaltenders. Any disputes will be handled by the Rules Committee.


  • Three periods will be stopped time.
  • Periods are twelve (12) minutes; final period may go to running time to complete game in allotted time slot.
  • There will be a three (3) minute warm-up from scheduled start time.
  • Ice is resurfaced before each game.  Do not go on the ice before the Zamboni door is closed.
  • One time out per team in the championship games only.


  • Minor penalties are 2:00 minutes, majors are 5:00 minutes and game misconducts are 10:00 minutes.
  • Any player with three penalties in one game will be removed from the game.
  • Any player that accumulates six penalties will not be allowed to play any additional games.
  • There is Zero tolerance for fighting and player(s) will be ejected from the tournament.

 Mercy Rule

If a team is behind by six (6) goals in the third period, the game will go to running time.  If the score goes back to a difference of less than six (6) goals, stopped time is reinstated.

Recreational/Recreational Plus Division Rules

  • One goal allowed per person per game.  If a player scores their second goal in the recreational division, the face off will be inside the zone, and the goal does not count.
  • No slap shots.

Tournament Point System

  • Win =                                   2 points (1 point for tie)
  • Period =                              1 point per period (1/2 point for tie)
  • Points Available =         5 per game

Championship Game

Tie breakers to determine the teams for the Championship Game:

  1. Head to Head Play
  2. Least Goals Allowed
  3. Most Shutout Periods
  4. Most Shutout Games
  5. Team with Least Penalty Minutes
  6. Flip of a Coin

Each team is allowed one 30 second time out per game.

If the Championship Game is tied after Regulation Time:

  1. Five (5) minute overtime, sudden death.
  2. If still a tie, there will be a three (3) player shoot out from each team.
  3. If still tied, there will be a sudden death shoot out (no repeat shooters, until everyone on the team has shot once).
  4. Continue rotation until someone wins!


The team listed first on the schedule is the home team and will wear DARK jerseys.

The team listed second on the schedule is the visiting team and will wear LIGHT/WHITE jerseys.

Locker Rooms

The locker room assignments will be posted in the lobby of the rink.  Please keep the locker clean and another team will need the locker room, so do not dawdle.